About Us

Welcome to The SIMT

Established by students, funded by endowments, sponsors, and donors.

Who Are We

The SIMT is a cross-disciplinary work-integrated learning program intended to teach the fundamentals of investing, ethics, and professional money management with the support of industry experts, alumni, and SAIT faculty.

Our Mission

To advance future employment opportunities for SAIT students by providing real-world experience and developing their professional competencies.

What We Do

Investment Philosophy


Consistent Quality Management

We will look for management with a solid track record. These companies will be resilient, efficient, and have a low turnover rate in management.


Competitive Advantages

We will look for companies that can display a sustained competitive advantage with their products and services. These companies will have a “moat” around them that creates a barrier to entry for competitors. They will also have an ability to demonstrate continued profitability and growing market share over the long term.


Strong Balance Sheet

We will look for companies with strong balance sheet metrics relative to their peers. These companies will also have strong cash flow that increases the margin of safety for investment purposes. 


Strong ESG Metrics

We believe that our investments should reflect the values of students and of SAIT. We place high importance on companies who focus on ESG as a performance indicator. These companies will have ethical and sustainable business practices.

Why Support the SIMT?

Your gift provides opportunities for students to put their knowledge and skills into practice and experience a unique way of learning.

SAIT is well-known for its industry focused programming and the SIMT is no different. The SIMT was established through industry consultation and students participating in this program will be advised and guided by investment professionals.

The SIMT provides the real-world experience necessary for students from various academic programs to be successful in their careers.

What makes the SIMT a unique student fund is the backgrounds of the students involved. While Finance and Accounting students manage the investments, various functions such as Marketing, Human Resources, and Web Development will be handled by students from those areas of study.