Our Team

Student leaders of today inspiring those of tomorrow.

Garret Brisebois

Garret is a fourth year BBA student majoring in financial services studying at SAIT School of Business, on track to graduate with a bachelor’s degree his CSC, FP1 and FP2. After working at TD for two years, he has shifted his educational study to concentrate on financial analysis, portfolio analysis and equity valuation. Garret is also interested in writing his CFA Level 1 prior to graduation. With a passion for a career in wealth management, Garret has also been working for an emerging start-up company, True North, as a Financial Manager over the summer and has carried on part time during his last year of studies.

 Garret is actively putting himself in extracurricular roles such as being a Project Manager for Enactus, Director of Finance for MAS and Multiple executive positions at the SAIT Finance Club, where he grew and established his collaborative, teamwork and presentation skills, and transferred these skills to make the SIMT a success. As the current Vice President of the SAIT Finance Club, and his drive for the quest of knowledge and skills for Professional Money Management, he worked in collaboration with SAIT as well as Derek and Rigel, to found and create the SIMT.

Rigel Raju

Rigel is a fourth year BBA student majoring in Financial Services. He is also a candidate for Level II of the CFA exam. While at SAIT, Rigel has committed himself to being engaged in the community with extra-curricular activities and volunteering. He is the current President of the SAIT Finance Club, current President of the Phi Theta Kappa Honour Society chapter at SAIT, current member of the Finance Committee of the Saitsa Board of Directors, and in his second term as the Student Representative to the SAIT Board of Governors as well as Student-at-Large in Academic Council. 

Outside of SAIT, Rigel volunteers his time with the CFA Society Calgary and with Alberta Health Services. Rigel also serves as a student member of the Program Advisory Committee for the Financial Services program. Since February, Rigel has gained work experience in the Real Estate industry by completing an internship with Avenue Living as an Operations Analyst. He is now working as a Private Equity Junior Analyst for Strategic Group. As one of the co-founders of the SIMT, Rigel has worked alongside Derek and Garret to bring this idea to fruition. As a proud SAIT student, Rigel knows the value of experiential learning and creating this student fund is his way of having a lasting impact at SAIT that will open doors and create opportunities for future SAIT students.

Derek Yip

Derek is a fourth year student at SAIT, majoring in Financial Services. He has been heavily involved with extra curriculars at SAIT, by holding various leadership roles in the SAIT Finance Club which include: President, Vice President and VP Finance. Derek has been a student member of the Program Advisory Committee for both Financial Services and Accounting. His experience in the Financial Services industry started when he worked part time for Investors Group. Derek has had roles at RBC Private Banking in the summer of 2019 and RBC PH&N in the summer of 2020, where he gained valuable experience in the Wealth Management industry. 

Derek has been working for the past two years on the SIMT, alongside Rigel and Garrett. As President of the SAIT Finance Club, Derek noticed a demand for students wanting to learn about security valuation, portfolio management and equity research. Derek hopes that the SIMT will create an environment where instructors, industry professionals and students can collaborate together.

Michaela Tomic

Michaela is a fourth year BBA student, majoring in marketing. During her academic career she has also worked in the marketing industry in a variety of areas. She is incredibly passionate about working with and inspiring startups and small businesses to achieve their goals and is currently working with a startup to create and implement their marketing strategy and assist in overall growth of the company. Michaela has spent the last two years as co-president for the Marketing at SAIT club as well as the director of marketing and communications (3 years with the club total). She focuses on providing opportunities to students and seeking out industry opportunities and connections to improve overall student success. During her time as president thus far she has founded and directed the MAS Co-op program which provides opportunities for students to work on marketing and communications projects with real clubs and not for profit organizations.She is also currently a member of the Program Advisory Committee for the Marketing program at SAIT as well as the VP Marketing for the SAIT Finance Club. She has also worked very closely with SAIT faculty to promote transcultural communications workshops both on and off campus.

Outside of the classroom, Michaela is a massive advocate for the importance of mental health and well-being and has founded multiple advocacy initiatives including Instagram campaigns and charity fundraisers. She works constantly to improve and advocate for the treatment and assistance of individuals suffering from mental illnesses and applies the same passion to all of her projects. As a student who juggles a variety or roles and responsibilities, Michaela understands the value or hard work and balance in achieving success. Working with the SIMT is her way of applying her passion for student success and opening up potential new doors for students with a wide variety of experience.

Tiana Henderson

Tiana Henderson is a third year BBA student specializing in Human Resource Management at the SAIT School of Business. She has been extremely active on campus through her time at SAIT, she has been able to participate in Enactus SAIT from member, HR manager, to current Vice President. Tiana is also one of the founding members, and current President of the Human Resource SAIT Students Club, and the CPHR Student Campus Ambassador for SAIT.  

Through all her endeavours she has the firm goal of helping students grow beyond the classroom as she herself has found exponential growth through opportunities offered to students. She has learned invaluable communication and teamwork skills and gained inner confidence in herself as a result. She aspires to get her CPHR designation once graduated. She has come onboard of SIMT because she believes in the shared vision and the goal of helping students with their practical knowledge outside of the classroom, and just how valuable that can be.